Nutritional Shake Mix

Kids Protein Powder

Make on-the-go nutrition easy with our individual kids protein packets. Healthy Height single-serve protein powder contains the same key nutrients as our full-size bags and makes for an easy portable snack for your kids. Each box contains 14 packets. 

Whether they're at home, school or heading to sports practice, simply add the packet mix to water and shake it up in a blender bottle! Try this convenient solution to help your child grow.

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Ingredients You Can Trust.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Corn Syrup
No Human Growth Hormones
Soy & Gluten Free
No GMOs*
12 Grams of Protein
What does our 'No-GMOs' statement mean?
No GMOs means we have tested our finished product for the presence of GMOs to ensure it contains no Genetically Modified Organisms. Our dairy-derived ingredients (whey protein concentrate and nonfat dry milk) are derived from conventionally-produced dairy from suppliers where it is common practice for dairy cows to be fed animal feeds that may contain GMO grains such as corn and soy.

Scoop. Shake. Grow

It's that simple.
cute small boy drinking Healthy Height

Help Kids Grow:

Our nutrition mix is clinically shown to help short and lean kids grow. Our team of pediatricians designed this shake mix to supplement a balanced diet with the growth-boosting nutrients-protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids kids need to grow. Serve 1-2 times a day, as part of a balanced diet, to maximize growth.

cute small boy drinking Healthy Height

Great for Picky Eaters:

Did you know what kids eat can impact their height as an adult? Supplement your child’s limited diet with Healthy Height and get peace-of-mind knowing you’re rounding out his diet with the key nutrients needed for growth. Serve daily as shake, in a smoothie, or in one of our recipes!

cute small girl drinking Healthy Height

12g Protein Per Serving:

Skip the adult protein powder and use our unique formula made specifically for a child's growing body! Serve Healthy Height as needed to supplement nutritional intake.

cute small girl drinking Healthy Height

Ease Feeding Issues:

Medical conditions and side effects can impact children’s nutritional intake and/or their relationship with food. With only 4 ounces per serving Healthy Height is a great supplement for a child in one of these scenarios. It packs a lot of quality nutrition in a manageable serving size and won’t fill a child up and prevent her from eating whole foods.

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