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Nourishing Kids
Adding Nutrient-Density
to Kid Favorites

- By Noelle Martin, MScFN, RD

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Easy Ways to Improve Your Kiddo's Nutrition
Easy Ways to Improve
Your Kiddo's Nutrition

- By Jeanne Reilly, RD

Learn How
Help Picky Eaters
5 Mealtime Changes
to Help Picky Eaters

- By Rachel Rothman, Pediatric Dietitian

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Transitioning to Healthy Height
Transitioning to
Healthy Height

- By Catherine Callahan, Feeding Specialist

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Nutritious School Lunch
Eating a Nutritious
Lunch at School

- Featuring Melanie Potock, Feeding Specialist

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Growth-Boosting Kids Recipes

Mini Berry Granola Smoothie Bowls
Mini Berry Granola
Smoothie Bowls
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Nutrient Dense Mini Donuts
Nutrient Dense
Mini Donuts
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No Bake Cinnamon Squares
No Bake
Cinnamon Squares
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Oat Cookies
Chocolate Banana
Oat Cookies
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Banana Muffins
Gluten Free
Banana Muffins
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Oat Cookies
Toaster Waffles
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Predict Your Child’s Height

Use this simple growth calculator to find out your child’s height percentile and predict their future height at age 20 based on CDC Growth Charts.

Growth Calculator

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Without proper nutrition, children will not reach their full potential. Learn the top three foods your child should be eating daily to promote growth and help ensure your child is getting the right nutrition!

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