Tips for Helping a
Picky Eater

We want to help families eliminate the picky eating battle so we recently partnered with Melanie Potock, feeding specialist, speech language pathologist and author, to teach us how to help their picky eater learn to love all types of food.

Overcoming Picky Eating

How to Help a Picky Eater Learn to Love All Types of Food.

Picky Eating at School

How to Help Kids Eat a Healthy Lunch at School.

Extreme Picky Eating

Is My Child’s Picky Eating Normal?

Nutrition to Help Kids Grow

Developed by Pediatricains, Healthy Height nutritional shakes help round out a child’s diet with key nutrients—vitamins, minerals, protein, amino acids—needed to maximize height growth.

  • Clinically Tested (PRCT)
  • 12g Protein Per Serving
  • Only 3 Grams of Added Sugar
  • Only 4 oz per serving
  • Contains 350 mg of arginine per serving; children with stunted growth have low circulating levels or arginine
  • Supplemented with vitamins A, C, D and minerals calcium, iron and zinc -- nutrients needed to support growth, but commonly deficient in children’s diets

Real Kids. Real Results.

Our clinical study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics and showed that children who consumed at least one serving a day grew more than the children receiving the placebo.

Read The Study