How to Teach Your Child How to Pack a Healthy Lunch

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We’re excited for your kids discover how fun and easy it is to pack their own lunch. You’ll be amazed by how it transforms their eating at school.

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A step-by-step guide on how to work with your kids to pack a healthy lunch they're willing to eat. From Melanie Potock - a certified speech language pathologist & author of 4 parenting books on how to raise healthy, happy eaters.

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We’ll also send you a lunch packing map that you can print out and fill out with your children. It makes packing lunches a breeze!

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Healthy Height Mix

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Healthy Height is great for rounding out your kiddos’ diet. Fuel their growing bodies with the key nutrients they need with our kid-friendly recipes.

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SUPERHERO SMOOTHIE 💚🥤 When #thirstyThursday falls the day after Halloween, you reach for the most nutrient dense ingredients you can find and a blender! 💚💚💚 Although Halloween is behind us, the “sweet treats” are still lingering. As parents it is our responsibility to decide what foods and beverages are offered and our children’s responsibility to decide if and how much they will eat/drink of what we offer. So today, rather than reaching for halloween candy at snack time, perhaps you could get your little ones into the kitchen and have them help you make a nutrient dense and flavor packed smoothie. I like to add @healthyheight protein powder to our smoothies because it adds nutrient density with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed to support a strong immune system and optimal brain and body growth! Here is a #greensmoothie that is always a hit with my boys...and the name SUPERHERO SMOOTHIE definitely brings a huge smile to their face as they drink it! The following will make 3-6 servings. Ingredients 2 cups unsweetened coconut or almond milk 1 cup frozen avocado chunks 1 large handful of kale (fresh or frozen) 1 large handful of baby spinach 1-2 cups fresh or frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup frozen coconut chunks 5 figs or pitted dates 1/2 cup @healthyheight vanilla protein powder Instructions Blend all ingredients together in a high speed blender. Add more coconut milk for a thinner smoothie and add less to make a thicker option for a smoothie bowl. #scoopshakegrow #dietitianmom #dietitiankitchen #greensmoothie #smoothierecipe

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Our friend @veggiesandvirtue brings the magic to your Instagram feed and to snack time! 🦄 The link to her enchanting post is temporarily in our bio! 🤩 - #regram - @veggiesandvirtue - ✨Do you know how the magic happens at snack time? ✨ - Add protein + fat +/- fiber! —— If you have a “constant grazer,” chances are your kiddo isn’t getting enough bang for their buck at snack (or meal time). Instead of offering empty-calorie “snack foods” (ie Goldfish crackers, “fruit” snacks, or granola bars that are more candy bar-esque), consider how you might be able to make the magic happen by adding more nutrient-dense options like protein, fat, and/or fiber. - Kids often do well when snacks are approached as “mini meals” rather than being based around more common “filler foods.” So don’t be scared to stock up that smoothie with good stuff or round out those crunchy crackers with hummus and veggie dippers for added crunch! - You’ll likely have less requests for snacks and kids who are more sustained for summer fun! —— #healthysnacksforkids #smoothielove #healthykidsfood #whatmykideats #dietitianmom #dietitianapproved #whatifeedmykid #fingerfood #unicornlove #lunchboxlove #lunchboxes #lunchboxideas #lunchboxinspo #lunchboxinspiration #childgrowth #kidsgrowth #growthchart #growthcharts #growingkids #kidsdevelopment #healthyheight #scoopshakegrow #helpskidsgrow #nutritionforgrowth #healthytoddler #childrenshealth #healthychildren #backtoschool #fuelforschool

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