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Give your child the confidence and strength to fulfill their unique potential.

Child growth concerns are common among parents for a variety of reasons. Healthy Height was developed by world-renowned pediatricians specifically to address growth problems in children.

Not only does Healthy Height help supplement a child’s diet with key nutrients needed for growth, but it contains ingredients you can trust.

Yes, it’s true! A taste kids love with only 3 added grams of sugar - just enough to make it delicious!

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Our team of Pediatricians and Dietitians discovered healthy children who were short and lean weren’t reaching their height potential due to a lack of key nutrients. After years of research and testing they created Healthy Height; a safe and clinically tested nutritional drink that is clinically shown to help kids grow.

What your child eats now can impact how tall they are as an adult. Doctors believe genetics account for about 60-80% of a person’s height and environmental effects, mainly nutrition, account for the rest. Our shakes help shore up common nutritional deficiencies and improve the overall quality of a child’s diet.

In terms of body weight, pound for pound, children need more dietary protein than adults. Growth demands amino acids for building structural tissues, hormones, enzymes, and transport proteins. High quality proteins, like the whey protein we use in our shakes, are superior to plant-based protein for supporting growth.

Our protein powder is extremely versatile so even the pickiest of eaters can enjoy our growth-boosting nutrition. You can use water or milk to make a shake. Or add it to your favorite smoothie, whip up some protein pancakes, or try our delicious vanilla cake balls. You can find all of our favorite recipes on our blog.

Ingredients Parents Can Trust.

A Taste Kids Love.

No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Corn Syrup
No Human Growth Hormones
Soy & Gluten Free
No GMOs*
12 Grams of Protein

*What does our 'No-GMOs' statement mean?

No GMOs means we have tested our finished product for the presence of GMOs to ensure it contains no Genetically Modified Organisms. Our dairy-derived ingredients (whey protein concentrate and nonfat dry milk) are derived from conventionally-produced dairy from suppliers where it is common practice for dairy cows to be fed animal feeds that may contain GMO grains such as corn and soy.