Healthy Swaps for Back to School



Kids going to school need fuel that will help stick with them both mentally and physically. Getting this type of sound breakfast in amidst the morning hustle though can be hard for many families to manage. Often times, that leads us to offer our kids a quick “grab and go” breakfast options that we can either toast and toss in the car with them or have them open and eat one handed as they walk to the bus.

While this is a common reality of getting everyone ready in the morning, we can make smarter swaps to help everyone start their day. A breakfast made up only of refined carbohydrates will do very little to sustain children’s energy levels at school or hold them over until lunch time. By boosting each bite in that ready-made option, however, we can easily add protein, fiber, and fat to set our kids up to concentrate better in the classroom while still keeping options convenient.

Healthy Swap Idea:

Instead of a traditionally processed frozen waffle, swap in a Healthy Height Toaster Waffles

By Ashley @veggiesandvirtue, a Pediatric Registered Dietitian