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Blueberries & Cream Bedtime Smoothie Did you know there's a connection between nutrition and sleep? Good nutrition can help improve your child's sleeping patterns! Serve your child a bedtime snack like this to help them sleep through the night. Ingredients: 1/2 cup vanilla Healthy Height  1 cup coconut milk 1 cup frozen wild blueberries 1/3 cup oats Directions: Blend all ingredients together, pour, and enjoy!  Nutrition to Help Kids Grow Taller Every year our team...... Read more

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Healthy Swaps for Back to School In this Post Breakfast Lunch Afternoon Snack Back to school is around the corner and somehow amidst the hustle of having backpacks purchased, pencil pouches filled, and lunch-packing supplies ready to load, we often miss another important element of preparing ourselves and our children for a successful school year: The food, or rather fuel, itself! Anyone sending kids out the door in the morning knows what a trick it...... Read more
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