Top 5 At-Home Activities for Active Kids

Sometimes kids remind us of the energizer bunny, they just keep going and going and going. Their zest for life is so inspiring, but as parents it can be hard to keep up when we’ve also got to get dinner on the table and finish up that last conference call. That’s why we’re sharing tips for burning though that endless supply of energy.


So how do you burn through that endless supply of energy? That’s a great question, and is also why we put together our top 5 activities for active kids.

1. The Long Jump, Kids Edition

Using any kind of masking tape, painters tape or electrical tape, lay down 5-10 strips on your floor about a foot apart. Label one as the starting line and let the games begin.

  • The classic long jump- see how many lines they can jump over and mark the tape with where they land.
  • A running start- now give them a running start and see if they can beat their last jump.
  • Back it up- if you’re doing this on carpet or in a safe place, have them jump backwards and see how far they can get.

2. Paint Chip Color Hunt

Grab a handful of different color paint chips from the local hardware store and have your kids find objects that are the same color or in the same color family. Set a timer to raise the stakes. No paint chips, no problem. Use colorful construction paper or anything else you have on hand.

3. Mission Impossible Obstacle Course

Put your child's strategic skills to the test with a homemade obstacle maze, mission impossible style. The best part about this game is it can be played in any sized room. Using crepe paper, or flag tape, held in place with painters tape, create an intricate maze in a hallway for your kids to navigate through. Placing some strips up high and others down low so you kids have to crawl over or squeeze under will get their creative thinking skills fired up.

  • The classic- time your kids and see how long it takes them to navigate through the maze.
  • The points system- for every strip of crepe paper they touch or knock down that’s a point. Who ever has the least amount of points at the end wins!

4. Pick A Card

Great for at home recess breaks. Using a deck of cards, assign different exercises to each suit. For example, every time someone draws a heart everyone has to do 10 frog jumps. Each activity will test their motor skills and get their hearts pumping, perfect for burning excess energy. This is also a great way to gamify physical activity for children who aren’t huge fans of P.E..

5. Puzzles! Hear us out

Puzzles are a great way to stimulate your child’s mind, and while it may not use as much physical activity, the mental focus can be just as tiring. Puzzles are a great way to develop spatial perception, problem-solving, cognitive skills and fine motor skills. Did we mention that they’re great for the entire family!

With so many types of puzzles to choose from you’ll be sure to find something for everyone. Tangrams and board puzzles are great for younger children while older children can try their hands at Scrabble, Sudoku, crosswords and even Rubik’s cubes.

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