Expert Video: How to Encourage Kids to Eat a Healthy School Lunch

It can be frustrating if your child doesn't eat his or her lunch at school, but it turns out the school cafeteria experience doesn't always encourage kids to sit down, focus and eat. We can't change the cafeteria, but we can change how we pack lunch food! We partnered with Melanie Potock, feeding specialist and author, to help you and your kids discover how fun and easy it can be to pack a lunch they'll eat.... Read more

Why Protein Shakes Are Perfect for Autistic Children

Children on the autism spectrum tend to exhibit challenges with behavior, social interaction, sensory awareness and communication. They often experience some physical symptoms too - the most prevalent being gastrointestinal challenges.  In this article, we discuss the impact of Autism on nutrition and how protein shakes can boost metabolism, detoxify a child's body, and ease anxiety levels.... Read more

High Protein Lunch Box Ideas for Vegetarian Kids

Your vegetarian eater doesn’t need to come up short in the protein department—quite the contrary, there are many high-protein lunch box ideas for vegetarian kids who need more nutrition every day. If you’re struggling to come up with fresh ideas that aren’t peanut butter and jelly, consider how you can make better use of high-protein grains, seeds, beans and Healthy Height Shake Mix.... Read more

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Picky Eaters

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast for Picky Eaters It can be challenging to come up with a healthy breakfast for picky eaters. With so little to choose from, you may feel frustrated trying to throw something together as you attempt to get out of the house in a timely manner. Before you have another breakfast battle, the first thing you need to remember is the importance of sticking to a schedule, says Rachel Rothman,...... Read more

How to Feed a Picky Eater with Food Chaining

Does your little one regularly drink a sugary nutrition supplement? Maybe you don’t realize, but take a peek at the ingredients. You’ll likely be surprised at what you find. While nutrition supplements are necessary for many kids, several brands include a lot of sugar that little bodies don’t need. If you’re seeing too much sugar on your supplement’s label, consider transitioning to Healthy Height. With only 3g sugar per serving, Healthy Height is a nutrition...... Read more

Role of Nutrition in Child Development

If you are concerned about your child’s growth and unsure if and how to intervene on the modifiable aspects of their growth potential, like nutrition, this article should give you a clearer sense for how to get started. By identifying some of the most common problems in families who need to nourish the growing child, sharing some of the science behind their nutritional needs and behavioral tendencies towards poor intake, we can begin to see...... Read more

Children's Nutrition Goals to Empower Healthy Eating

Children’s nutrition often feels like a job that falls square on your shoulders, as the parent—making sure your child gets all the right foods and drinks enough water, among dozens of other daily concerns. This year, empower your kiddo to focus on nutrition and make better food choices for themselves by setting nutrition resolutions.... Read more

The Undeniable Reasons to Instill Healthy Eating Habits in Your Child Now

The healthy eating habits you teach your child now may have a significant impact on the rest of their life, according to 2017 research, even if they resist vegetables and other healthy options. Research authors explain, “Children are predisposed to prefer high-energy, -sugar, and -salt foods, and in preschool age to reject new foods (food neophobia). While genetically determined individual differences exist, repeated offering of foods can modify innate preferences.”... Read more

The Nutrition Myths Every Parent Must Stop Believing

Many nutrition myths are easy to believe because they’ve been around for decades. The idea of avoiding fat, for example, began in 1977 during the Fat-Free Food Boom. Not to mention, we live in an information-overloaded world, making it hard to know who’s right, who’s wrong and what the healthiest choices are for you and your family.... Read more

5 Lunch Packing Tips to Support Bone Growth for Children

It is well known that we all have a genetic potential to reach a certain height. In fact, 60 to 80 percent of height is determined by genetics. Did you know that nutrition can also largely impact if that potential is reached? Bone growth occurs in both length and density for the first three decades of life and the majority—if not all—of the increase in length occurs in the first two thirds of that time.... Read more

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Daily Sugar Intake

Children's Nutrition Simple Ways to Reduce Your Child’s Daily Sugar Intake Did you know children get 16 percent of their daily caloric intake from sugars? This high-sugar diet can quickly lead to childhood obesity, insulin resistance, and high cholesterol—all of which increases your child’s cardiovascular risk profile. The good news is, you don’t have to eliminate sugar altogether. Here are a few simple ways to mitigate sugar intake and stay within their recommended daily allowance...... Read more