Picky Eater Peanut Butter Banana Shake

Get your picky eaters the nutrients they need with this yummy smoothie created by a mom in our Healthy Height community. Thanks for sharing, Jana! Tag us @healthyheight to share your recipe ideas too. 

Jana shares: “Did you say chocolate peanut butter banana shake?? :P my kids are sure picky when it comes to eating, so as their mother it's reassuring to me to serve them a fun @healthyheight shake that's packed with good nutrition to help them grow! This morning we decided to go with their favorite! I'll share below!”



  • Add ingredients to blender then blend and serve
Picky Eater Approved Smoothie

Nutrition to Help Kids Grow - and Sleep!

Every year our team of Pediatricians at Schneider Children's Medical Center have 20,000 visits from children with issues relating to growth. Our doctors wanted to find a non-invasive way to help children grow and the nutrition in our shake mix is the result of their efforts. The nutrition in our shake mix was shown in a clinical study to promote growth in 6 months, as well as improve sleep patterns in kids who take at least 1 serving per day.

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