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Healthy Height Breakfast Milk

Do your kids like fruits and veggies for breakfast? Believe it or not, little m does. He's most likely to eat fruits and veggies (but not oatmeal) first thing in the morning,” says Jennifer, Dietitian Mom, RD over at

What else does her little one like for breakfast? Milk—and she shared a fun way to enjoy Healthy Height milk in the morning when a mom in her community wrote, "My 3 year old won't eat anything, she just wants milk." ⠀

Jennifer wrote, “I serve little m milk for breakfast—with fruits and veggies on the side—several times a week. @HealthyHeight can help mix that up and add in more protein without much added sugar.”

Not only does her child love chocolate milk, but Healthy Height chocolate milk balances out the fruits and veggies with much-needed protein and fat. Jennifer appreciates the added nutrients because “that fat makes it so that he can absorb the fat-soluble vitamins, like the vitamin A in the carrots.”

So how do you make this simple and healthy breakfast? Get the recipe now.


  • 2 types of vegetables
  • 4 types of fruit
  • 2 scoops Healthy Height Shake Mix (choose between chocolate and vanilla)
  • 4 ounces of milk


  1. Cut and prep your fruits and veggies and place them on your child’s breakfast plate.
  2. Pour your milk and Healthy Height into a shaker bottle or blender and mix until the milk is smooth.
  3. Serve both to your child for a healthy breakfast.

Jennifer reminds, “One thing you do want to keep in mind, is that you don't want kids ONLY drinking milk for all meals. So, for my kids, I serve milk no more than twice per day. All of the other meals and snacks are served with water. They don't have to eat what I serve at those meals and snacks, but they do need to sit at the table.”

If your child puts up a fight, remind them, "Milk is not being served at this meal, but it will be served with dinner."

If your child doesn’t drink cow’s milk, make your own almond milk chocolate milk instead!


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