DIY Dino Yogurt Popsicles

Food should be fun! Need a simple way to get your kids excited about nutritious foods, or treat them to a healthy dessert? Look no further than these homemade 2 ingredient yogurt popsicles!

You've got a lot going on. As a mom, it's important that recipes are not only nutritious but also easy and tasty for your kids. That's why we grabbed a set of dinosaur molds and paired them with a simple 2 ingredient recipe. It doesn't get easier than yogurt mixed with Healthy Height!

Prep & Serving Size:

5 minutes

Makes six 2 ounce dino popsicles


  • ¾ cup of plain yogurt
  • 5 scoops of Healthy Height (chocolate or vanilla)


  • Dino molds  - we used these molds, but use whichever you choose!


  • Mix yogurt and Healthy Height in a bowl
  • Depending on thickness of yogurt you can add up to 3 tablespoons of water so you can easily pour into the popsicle molds
  • Freeze according to popsicle mold instructions (approximately overnight)

Fun Fact:

  • Each dino pop contains about ½ a serving of Healthy Height

Nutrition to Help Kids Grow Taller

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Our #1 goal is to help kids grow. We want you to be happy with your purchase so we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Give Healthy Height a try today!

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